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Did You Know...

Roughly 6.5 million animals enter shelters each year but only 4.8  million are adopted. 

Nearly all (about 99%) of all shelter animals are healthy enough to be adopted.

Roughly 2.7 million dogs and cats are killed each year because shelters are too full.

45% of all cats that enter shelters are eventually euthanized. 

93% of pit bulls in shelters are euthanized because of the harmful stereotype that they are an aggressive breed.

(Full reports can be obtained from the ASPCA, No Kill Advocacy Center, and

Ready to Foster?

​We are currently a small foster-based rescue. The number of animals we can save is directly linked to the number of people that will take action.

Foster Form (Dog)

Foster Form (Cat)

Foster FAQ

How long will I have to commit to foster?

Fostering is not a lifelong commitment, but when possible, we ask that you care for the animal until they find their forever home. If the time comes that you are ready for the foster to move on, we will find an alternative foster. The time can vary from days to months.

Am I responsible for finding the animal a home?

No, we are responsible for marketing the animal and organizing adoption events, but we ask that you are as active as possible in helping your foster to be adopted. 

Am I responsible for vet expenses or medication?

Sweet Home Animal Rescue will cover and schedule all medical treatments, including monthly preventatives. 

What happens if I need to go on vacation or a work trip? 

We will find an alternative foster. 

What if I want to foster but can't commit to several weeks or months? 

Short-term fosters are just as important as our long-term fosters. Please submit an application and we can discuss your availability. 

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